My Favorite things: August


Holy macaroni I can’t believe its already August!  To me, August is the Sunday of the calendar year.  It starts out fun and lighthearted, but then you have one too many brunch cocktails and suddenly its 8pm and the “Sunday Scaries” set in.

August marks the end of the glorious summer, and as a resident of New York City, the reminders of last year’s winter are hiding in my closet ready to pounce like a monster about to scare me into sleeping with the lights on.  All that being said, it doesn’t mean we can’t have a little late summer solstice fun in the wardrobe department before old man winter forces us back into down jackets and gloves with matching hats.

1- Tonal Dressing.  Tonal dressing is something that quite frankly snuck up on me.  It started when I realized how often I was sporting the Canadian tuxedo- the classic faux pas of denim on denim.  From there, it’s grown from a quiet idea in the back of my head, to something I find myself trying to do on an almost daily basis.  I suggest pairing up some items from summer’s “it” color: rose.  Or, to start out a little easier, try what I lovingly refer to as “house painter chic” aka white on white.

The possibilities are endless!  That being said, I never, EVER want to hear the word “matching” when attempting this trend.  It’s not the 3rd grade, we can be a little more sophisticated than that, ladies!   Slight differences in the tones you wear make much more of a statement and won’t make you look like your mom dressed you for picture day.

2- Summer Velvet.  I know, I know.  This sounds crazy with a capital WTF, but trust me, it’s not.  Velvet, a favorite winter fabric that mostly reminds me of the Christmas dresses I used to wear as a child, has come back into our lives in a much cooler way.  It’s no secret this fabric is dense so you should wear it in moderation or at least in silhouettes that allow for exposed skin.  I’d opt for a mini dress or romper to do all velvet, or pair a tank back to denim shorts if you want to do this trend piecemeal.  Another tip is to focus on lighter colors as the darker ones tend to soak up the sun and can turn you from fashionista into hot-flashonista in a second.

3- One piece bathing suits.  This is a day I never really thought would come.  If you had told 12 year old me I’d be praising the one piece I would have thought you were as crazy as I do when I see adults chasing Pokemon in the street.  Midriffs forever!  Well, until now.  Not that I don’t still prefer a two piece bikini for optimal tan-ortunities (especially at the beginning of the season or during a midwinter beach getaway) but I have a new respect for the one piece.  It’s really come a long way from middle school swim practice speedos and is now sexy AF.  I love this high-waisted floral one from Mara Hoffman, this two toned one from Coco Rave, this rose one from Nasty Gal, and this simple black one from 6 Shore Road.  And of course, my go-to swimwear line Boys + Arrows has this bad ass, super low back silhouette if you feel like sassing it up on the beach this month.  Enjoy!



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