Make New Friends but Keep the Old

I’m constantly searching through my closet to find a way to repurpose something old and make it fresh and fun.  This is what keeps me from running out to Soho every time I feel a little antsy for a new outfit.  

I had been going through a clothes purge recently and rediscovered my favorite pair of faux leather pleated front shorts. These were a big favorite of mine a few seasons ago and I wore them for both work and for play. They were great during transitional fall months with bare legs and booties and even opaque tights as the first chills of winter began creeping into the city.   Seeing them again after all this time was like reconnecting with a long lost friend. So many fond memories made me eager to reconnect and build that bond again!  

But…it’s July. And it’s hot, y’all. I’m talking extremely hot and humid and it doesn’t seem to be the best time to reintegrate leather into my wardrobe. 

Or does it?  Would I be a fool for wearing leather right now when humidity is through the roof and I can barely get to the corner without shvitzing?  The answer from me is a triumphant no.  After all, what’s personal style without a little danger…and a little summer leather, right?

This little number is something I came up with for a girls dinner the other night. The top is the only new addition and cost me a whopping $7.99 on sale at Zara.  Wham!

I love playing with proportions so this cute crop matches up perfectly to these high waisted shorts. The oxfords were a purchase last summer at Cos, and the bag is a prized possession from YSL, purchased during my first real adult job at Neiman Marcus back in 2008.  

I love this outfit because it’s a new twist on some old favorites.  And for anyone out there who thought wearable summer leather is a myth. Think again!  You can easily and delicately sprinkle the stuff into your wardrobe from now on with confidence! Happy dressing! 

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