Give them the Business

Cheerio my dear readers!  I’m sorry for my absence but I’m back at it now with a new post!

I get asked a lot by friends what they should wear to certain events; weddings, interviews, meeting the parents for the first time, business lunches…the list goes on.  So, I thought I would tackle a few of these inquires here on my blog.



Recently, a friend in the creative field had an important business meeting.  She wanted to look professional, but also fashion forward, and summery since its been hotter than Hades here in the city recently.  I have business meetings and go-sees with new clients all the time, so this is something I am constantly thinking about:  how do I make sure I am taken seriously but that I am also fly AF.


As you guys know, I have been talking about culottes for a while now.  I think this silhouette is the perfect pant for a meeting when the temps rise.  Its flattering around the waist and allows for the right balance between professionalism and fun.  It also doesn’t hurt that the wide legs (and in this case the light fabric) allow you to keep your cool under the hot sun.  Mine are from Zara (and on sale!) and have this really great frayed edge.  I love these pants dressed up like this but I also like to pair them with a crop top and a two piece heel for a night out with my gals or my man.  I’ve also worn them with a body suit and flat sandals for a casual weekend look or to run errands.

For this look, however, I’ve paired them with one of my favorite blouses from Madewell (similar here). I love the complimentary colors- tonal dressing is one of my favorites things to do- and the delicate stripe adds an air of sophistication.  Finally, I have a great pair of navy espadrille wedges to round out the look.  I love mine from H&M and also these from Soludos.  They are super comfortable so I can easily get between meetings without breaking into a mega sweat.

Screen Shot 2016-07-11 at 3.03.29 PM

I’ve kept my jewelry really simple here and paired my new Dolce & Gabbana glasses.

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