OOTD: Feeling Like a Kid Again


Wasn’t being a kid awesome?  Life was so much simpler, we could eat whatever we wanted without consequence, and someone else made all of our important decisions.  As uncool as “adulting” can be, one thing that can’t be beat (aside from ice-cream for dinner) is that I get to pick out my own clothes.  Today’s outfit makes me feel like a kid again.  A super fun pair of sneakers, a quirky Uncle Karl t-shirt, and a skort have me cute, comfy, and ready for a busy day on set.


I really love the idea of combining this business casual bottom with a tee worthy of weekend wear status.  I am a big fan of the unexpected pairing, and I think that’s what makes this look so special.  This outfit works because it combines easygoing with sophisticated in a way that makes each item shine.  You could pair your favorite camp t-shirt from childhood with the right item on bottom and create a new and innovate way to wear both.

And the cherry on top of this Mickey Mouse Karl Lagerfeld sundae?  The shoes.  Its ALWAYS the shoes.  These metallic rose beauties (this season’s favorite color) are fun and summery.  I love them with the black tongue and tie detail.  With these eye catching kicks, I feel ready to traverse both the busy NYC streets and the landmines of lights, wires, and models on a busy set at work.

To create this look at home simply pair your favorite t-shirt with any more elevated bottom.  My skort is from Club Monaco but there is a similar one here.  You can buy Karl as Mickey Mouse here, and my sweet kicks here.

Hope you enjoy!


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