Model Off Duty:  Marga Esquivel 

Sometimes during your career you meet people whom you know have star potential. For me, Marga Esquivel has always been one of these people (and I’m not alone in that thought).  She was one of the first girls I encountered when I moved to Seattle to start a new full time styling gig at Nordstrom.  I knew immediately this girl was special. At just sixteen she was poised, confident, and down to earth.  She knew how to model and move her body in a way that was effortless and that many girls lack well into their careers.  I quickly fell into big sister mode, and it’s given me so much joy to watch her morph from a bubbly brunette “juniors” model (here’s the proof) to cool-beyond-belief, queen of the cat walk.   Though this “it” girl is bicoastal and constantly on the go, we try to get together in New York when both of us have time.  I recently had her over for a catch up session and to talk about her most coveted model off duty style secrets. 

Naheed:  As usual it’s so good to see you!  You look amazing, tell me what you’re wearing. 

Marga:   I’m wearing vintage Levi’s “mom jeans”,  Adidas superstars, a navy shirt from Urban Outfitters over a black Banana Republic tank, and my bag is from River Island.  Oh, and a fit bit. 

N:  You’re a vegan, how does that affect how you dress?

M:  Well, I consider myself more plant-based, which is really just diet.  It’s difficult to be fully vegan because it’s the whole lifestyle and not just what you eat.  I try to refrain from buying or wearing leather and fur, but also if a designer gifts it to me or needs me to wear it I’m not going to say no. I can’t be like “Sorry Karl,  I can’t wear this fur look at Fendi!”

N:  Is there anywhere in particular you like for vegan shopping?

M:  Yeah I buy a lot from, and also Stella McCartney has a lot of great vegan fashion. 

N:  What’s your favorite model off duty look?  Describe your personal style.

M:  Haha, sporty spice?  I like to be comfortable.  No heels, nothing too tight. I like to keep it flowy and loose and it also depends on the weather too. 

N:  What are you’re current favorite trends?  Anything you can’t get enough of?

M:  I’m not really up to date with trends but I’ve been putting patches on my denim jacket. I love going to flea markets to find any kind of customization. I’m obsessed with it right now. 

N:  Where are some of your favorite places to shop? 

M:  I’ve been trolling around a lot of vintage stores trying to find something unique that not everyone has. Some models gravitate towards the black Zara pant, black tank look but I like to try to be a little different- incase you haven’t noticed!

N:  I definitely noticed!  Which brings me to my last question- your hair has always been something that’s set you apart and gotten you a lot of press.  There have even been articles about it (here).  You went from brunette to grey to now platinum, can you share what you’re going to do next?

M:  It’s a surprise!  Honestly I have no idea because my hair kinda has a mind of its own and I like to change it frequently.

Follow this beauty on Instagram for more of her travels around the world and on runways everywhere @marga_esq

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