Red White and Blue

It’s almost time for our nation’s birthday, and I know you are all Patriotic AF.  I certainly am. In years past I’ve donned flag shirts and glasses, and red white and blue clothing from head to toe in a display reminiscent of frat party grandeur.  Now, cemented firmly in my thirties, the events surrounding this illustrious day have calmed down a bit.  Gone are the days of patriotic pub hopping and guzzling shots in honor our nations forefathers with reckless abandon.  Things are a bit swankier now. And because dressing occasion (and age) appropriate is one of the pillars of having great style, I present to you a way to dress holiday appropriate while still loving America as hard as possible. 

I’ve been wearing a lot of white recently. I especially love wearing both on top and bottom, but more on that another time… In addition to white, bright blue is another sign of summer and warm weather dressing. The combination of the two makes me feel like I’m on a Mediterranean holiday when in reality I’m just walking down the streets of New York. As you can see here I paired my favorite distressed white jeans by Paige, with this bow backed cutie from Zara. These bright colors become patriotic when paired with a poppy red lip.  I’m feeling nude nails right now big time but a fun red lacquer would also work great here. Otherwise you could incorporate more red via accessories- I’ve chosen to keep it subtle with this blue Balenciaga and these navy wedges from H&M, but the possibilities are endless. 

Regardless of holiday, I fully support the wearing of red white and blue at any point this summer. Why limit yourself to just one day?  These colors signal the height of the season, so don’t be afraid to put them together straight through to Labor Day. 

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