Model Off Duty: Amanda Yu Talks Jet-set Travel Style

Models are the queens of effortless style, and my dear friend Amanda Yu is no exception.  Many of us strive for that “model off duty” look that we see all over Instagram. So, I sat down to lunch with this hip chick and asked her for the 411 on her personal style.

N: First of all, you look amazingly cute today. What are you wearing?

A: My jeans are made by Rag and Bone, tank top by Express, denim jacket from Loft, Prada bag, Vince shoes, Michael Kors glasses, and my choker is made by Are You Am I. I’m made in Korea.  I’m headed to the airport after this for a job in Milwaukee and I have to go straight from there to dinner so I also have a Reformation dress in my bag.

N: You play dress up for a living, but what’s your go to look on your downtime? What makes you feel most like you? 

A: My staple is always black tank and black jeans with my Stuart Weiztman knee high boots. It’s pretty much what I wear to castings and just daily life.

N: What are your favorite trends right now? Anything you just can’t get enough of? 

A:  I love chokers. I’m always looking for more. Lace up sandals too. I just got a great pair from Stuart Weitzman I wear them every time I go out to dinner. Literally.

N: What makes you feel most beautiful? 

A: When I wear a dress that shows some leg. I think they’re my best feature.

N: Where are your favorite places to shop?

A: I’m such a bad shopper but I’m obsessed with jeans. I love AG jeans.  And I also have a lot of basic black tanks. I wear them with a leather or denim jacket. I really love those racer front tank tops. It’s casual but you can also dress it up for going out at night. I really like to shop at Reformation because it makes me go outside of my comfort zone. It makes me shop more girly and cute.


Follow my girl Amanda on Instagram for more of her personal style and professional pics!  @itsamandayu

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