Memorial Day Party Steeze


Memorial Day is coming in hot and it’s finally feeling that way in NYC, so let’s bring on the summer dressing!  Whether you’re staying in the urban jungle, or you’re pulling up anchor and setting out to parts unknown, a killer outfit for the start of the summer season is a must.  Personally, I’m heading upstate with some of my best homies to a sweet lake house and I couldn’t be more tickled about it.  Items to pack include:  bikinis of all kinds, absolutely no makeup, and all things comfortable including my favorite girlfriend shorts.

We’re having a pretty low key weekend,  but for many of you, you’re invited to festive parties where you need to dress to impress.  I’m really feeling this outfit for a rooftop shindig of Memorial Day proportions.  I love the criss cross top on this oversized white shirt from Madewell.  Criss cross tops are high on my to-wear list this season, but for those of us busty gals, we have to be careful that we don’t show too much “T”.  Thats why this shirt is particularly fantastic because the opening is adjustable and I can keep modest by tying it up tighter.


These girlfriend shorts are another current favorite.  Mine are from Gap but these are similar (and on sale!) from Loft.  I love that they are the perfect combination of casual and cute.  They are slightly oversized and hang low on the hips.  I like them dressed down with sandals or sneakers, which is how I will be kicking it this weekend.  But here I’ve paired them with these classic Gucci sandals to up the ante on my overall look.  Really, any heeled sandal will do.  I also like these from Vince.

If your festivities include a backyard BBQ or something a little less fancy pants than a downtown soiree, I would keep the shorts but pair them with a more form fitting shirt like a classic tee or tank, and a gladiator sandal.

To top it all off, I’ve included my 1960s vintage Gucci bag.  I wear mine slung over the shoulder and I would recommend that style or a cross body so you can party hardy and not worry about your trinkets.

Voila!  And Happy Memorial Day, y’all!

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