Who Wore it Best and WHY

One of my favorite sections in any magazine has always been the who wore it best page.  I love seeing how each celebrity takes a garment and dresses it to fit their personal style, body type, and image of what makes them feel their best.  It’s always interesting to see how someone’s personality can shine through based solely on the way they wear an item.  I would always draw my own conclusions as to why one celeb’s look reigned supreme over the other,  but in a quest for reassurance,  I wanted to know if I was right.  I would be slightly bothered that the magazine wouldn’t tell the reader why one look was best, a detail that still irks me.

So, I have taken it upon myself to create a series of Who Wore is Best and WHY.  I hope to show you, my beautiful readers, why one celebrity’s style vs. another is the clear winner.  I take into account the three pillars of style:  fit, proportion, and silhouette, as well as beauty details and accessory choices.   Of course, everything is up for interpretation, but I hope that mine (with explanations) will help shed a little light on WHY someone wore it best.


For Sienna vs Gigi I have to give this one to Sienna, though both of them do really look fantastic in this Marc Jacobs stunner.  Here’s why:  The proportions of Sienna’s dress to her body make more sense.  I like that the dress skims the floor; it really elevates the look and makes it more red carpet appropriate in my mind.  I also think the shoe Gigi chose is a bit of a let down here. I would have liked to see something either really special and unique (Like this Miu Miu or this Aquazzura) or a shoe that disappears more (like this Jimmy Choo).   I also think Gigi’s hair and makeup is a little too severe for this dress which already brings a lot to the table (with its unique cut and design elements of shine and pattern).  One thing both of them could use is a little bling.  I’d love to see a delicate necklace or bracelet, or a statement earring.


With Nicole vs Rita its all about proportions in this Valentino butterfly frock.   While both ladies do the dress justice, it’s Nicole who comes out on top.  Here’s why:  Nicole understands the proportions of this dress as it relates to her body.  This is most apparent in the accessories she’s chosen.  The shoe is subtle and glamorous but doesnt cut off her ankle like Rita’s does.  When you have a dress that skims past your knees, it’s often best to wear a shoe that doesnt have an ankle strap.  This can cut up the leg and make you look slightly stumpy.  Rita is also wearing a bracelet that competes with the delicate edge of the lace sleeve.  Its distracting, and not in a good way.  Finally, I love that Nicole has her hair back to display the beautiful neckline of the dress, as well as the great necklace/earring combo she’s chosen.  Overall, Nicole displays more complimentary accessory choices which pay tribute to the clear centerpiece here- the dress.


Finally, in a battle of Jenner vs Jenner, I have to give this one to…Both of them!  This is a perfect example of when two women know their bodies and style well enough to take the same garment and make it look flawless for each of them.  Kendall  wears the Yeezy sweater dress with bare legs and a slouchy suede boot.  This look is youthful, fun, and sexy for a girl in her 20s.  Cait, on the other hand, pairs it with a matching pencil skirt and suede kitten heel.  This elevates the mini, and makes it a more understated and chic look.  I also love Kendall’s playful top knot and Cait’s glamour waves.  Both hair styles complement their looks, not distract.  I love that each of the women have such a clear point of view when it comes to this piece.  Kendall and Cait are both able to take the same mini sweater dress and style it according to what is flattering and appropriate for each.


(All images courtesy of fashionnstyle)


2 thoughts on “Who Wore it Best and WHY

  1. This was my favorite so far!

    Let me know when you write a post on how to dress a post baby body ; /

    Whitney Costanzo Sent from my iPhone


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