Yin and Yang: Date Night


For me, living that freelance life, I don’t always have the same Monday – Friday schedule as the rest of the world. But one thing’s for sure: regardless of my what my week brings, I am always TGIF’ing with the best of them by Friday.   For a lot of us, this day means late evenings out, (more) wine, and no alarms on Saturday morning. What it also means is: date night. I don’t necceasrily mean a night out with your significant other, though I do of course include that. What date night really signifies to me is a night to go out, let your hair down, and dress to impress. Most of the time I dress to impress myself, since I so rarely do during the week when I’m schlepping around garment bags in a t-shirt and jeans. Sometimes I dress to impress my girlfriends who appreciate the delicate dance that it is to get “gussied up”. Other times I dress to impress my man, though I think he would be thrilled if I were wearing a potato sack, much less the season’s latest trends.

One of the big trends we saw emerge over the fall was that of black and white. The two opposites have always gone together, but we saw a reemergence of the pairing scattered across runways from Oscar to Ann Taylor. In homage to that dynamic duo, I have created this yin and yang “date night” look.

Here’s why it works right now: The skirt and top set (Timo Weiland) are soft and springy, and when worn alone would be perfect for an outdoor cocktail party, or a dressed up brunch. Adding the biker leather jacket, brings a cool edge to the look, and takes it from daytime sip and sees to evening shenanigans in a heartbeat. Mine is from Asos and is similar to this.  I also love tying in the silver heel which is simple and understated, and the classic Chanel bag which bring a chic and timeless touch to the overall look.  My shoes are from H&M but there is a similar pair here.

As a final touch, I’ve tied my hair up in a half bun and added a deep berry lip.  This color also signifies a reemergence from a past trend thanks to this year’s Met Gala where we saw several of our favorite girl’s sporting last fall’s delicious hue.

Overall, I adore this date night look. I love the juxtaposition of soft and pretty with hard and edgy; it’s unexpected a provides a real wow factor that amps up each piece individually.  It lets me showcase both high and low price points, with current and not so long forgotten trends, into a look that’s sure to turn heads.


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