A Rose By Any Other Name

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As a New Yorker and a “fashion person” I find myself wearing an ever consistent wardrobe of almost enitely black. I have always justified this to myself in three ways: 1- black always matches with black, 2- I’m Persian and black was basically invented for our people, 3- I am a perpetual proctrastinator when it comes to leaving my apartment on time for almost anything and black just makes everything easier. The only time in my life when this was not true was when I lived in Dallas for four years working at the Neiman Marcus headquarters. I felt almost compelled to incoropate big hair, eyeshadow, and bright prints into my daily routine. While it was fun, it wasn’t really me. Moving back to the city a few years ago I again realized that black was not only my best look but my best friend. She never let me down, and she always agreed with me.

Recently however, it seems a new tide is turning. Maybe it was this seemingly endless winter, or maybe it was highlighting my hair (at this place, amazing), but I am happy to say that I am again experimenting with color. This season, everything is coming up roses and I have to say I am embracing the trend more than even I expected. We first saw a lot of rose popping up all over the spring runways, and now upon entering any store on broadway and beyond there is an array of rose, mauve, and dusty pinks littering the racks. Rose is romantic, soft, and a perfect transitional color between seasons. I know a lot of you will want to jump head first into brights and neons that signify weekends in Montauk and summer Fridays spent at the fying pan, but before you jump the gun please consider rose as a must have color to ease you in.


Here are a few of my current rose obsessions I am eyeing for my own closet:

1- This dress by Self Portrait is as delicate and romamtic as the color itself. It can be easily dressed up with nude heels and light jewelry for a spring wedding, or dressed down with a denim jacket and flats for brunch, date night, or wine tasting.

2- Athropologie’s dropwaist dress is a bit more casual and perfect for weekend strolls, or to take away on vacation somewhere warm like an island or Europe this summer. I love the idea of throwing this on for a dinner al fresco with sandals.

3- I love these Gucci shorts. They can be worn uptown with a ruffle blouse and heels for a special event, and can be worn downtown with a blue or crisp white cotton shirt and lace up flats.

4- Rose outerwear items such as this creamy leather jacket will help ease your tranisition into spring and keep you on trend with everyones newest favorite color.

5- Rose colored glasses are a must for this season, and no, the irony is not lost on me here. I love the idea of stepping into spring with a pep in my step and a bright outlook on the changing seasons.  I love these, and these, especially right now.

6- Finally, here are a few rose basics that are easy to sprinkle into your current wardrobe and wont break the bank.  This tee, these jeans, and these shorts, are sure to turn heads and keep you trending all the way til the dog days of summer.

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