The Last Hurrah

They says what goes around comes around.  This is ostensibly the basis of all vintage clothing as well as a kick ass Justin Timberlake jam from 2006.  I personally love a “sleeper piece”, as I call it. This is an item you keep in your closet because it’s special enough to warrant the precious real estate, and you can’t wait to plug it into an outfit in the future.  I recently did this with a pair of Theory pants, and I received more praise than Beyonce after another secret album release.  In my dream world, I would keep every piece of clothing I’ve ever owned, if only for the 90s theme party costumes I could create.  However, living in New York where square footage is at a premium, this is just not possible.  I think even if I had a house the size of Dollyworld, it still wouldn’t be enough space.  All jokes aside, purging old clothes and donating gently used duds is always great and can even be therapeutic, but there are a few items that are worth making space to keep.  Or, if you’re like me and had to do a massive clean up due to a feng shui attack (read: move to a tiny apartment) you can easily pick these pieces up at all your favorite stores.
Culottes- You have probably already noticed your super hip “artist friend” rocking the cropped denim flare look on the few days of spring weather we have had in New York so far, but get ready to take this a step further with culottes.  By definition, these are knee-length pants with an open bottom which can often times resemble a skirt.  I am loving these in denim with sneakers or flats and a cold shoulder top for play, or in a knit with an over-sized jacket for work.  In any iteration I am crazy for culottes: thesethese, and of course these are some of my current favorites.  In addition, the cropped flare denim has really nestled into my heart and I find myself wearing them almost daily.
Plaid- I used to think of plaid as that ex boyfriend you couldn’t seem to get rid of.  He was always hanging around and hoping for another shot but every time you let him back in you felt a little sad and had to dump him all over again.  Well, my feelings on this matter have recently changed thanks to the spring 2016 runways which had me pleading for plaid in all varieties.  For me, this has been a really unexpected makeover for the once tired pattern which we now see as more than just an accent piece to be worn tied haphazardly across your waist.  I love seeing the wide plaids in luxe fabrics for jackets and trousers, as well as all plaid outfits in matching patterns and conflicting ones.  I call this “pattern play” and with my affinity for alliteration I’m thrilled to experiment with Plaid Pattern Play well into the fall.   Here are a few of my preffered pieces that are piquing my plaid interest currently:this top and this one, these pants, and this dress that makes me so excited I can hardly stand it.
Bomber jackets- I feel like I can’t walk down the street without seeing bombers everywhere, and I have to say I’m thrilled about it.  The bomber is a great transitional jacket, lightweight enough to layer easily on top of other pieces and versatile enough to go from day to night in the blink of an eye.  My favorite is a men’s members only handed down from a family friend. I love to wear it with pushed up sleeves and denim for daytime jaunts around Soho or to brunch with friends.  I also have a black satin one which is more easily dressed up to carry my look into nighttime.  This one looks great over cigarette pants, a skirt, or even a dress.  I also love it in a bold pattern like this one. The possibilities for the bomber as so endless you’ll feel like in this trend.
Anklets- Dust off your pog collection and cue up your Party of Five dvds because anklets are making a come back.  Last season we saw the ankle bracelet’s 90s bff- the choker -come back into our hearts and onto our necks.  You are still going to see this going into the spring and summer, but the anklet is about to be queen and not just at Coachella.  A natural pairing for this accessory is a low profile white tennis shoe, but I also like it with heels for a night out.  You can experiment by stacking several dainty anklets at once, or wearing a set like these. I also love this one reminiscent of a friendship bracelet, and this tiered one.  Anklets are something I would definitely consider a micro trend, but its one you’ll want to capitalize on this summer to give you a “leg up” in style.

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