Woman Crush Wednesday: All Hail the Queen

Anyone who knows me can attest to my exceedingly high level of clumsiness and ability to constantly place myself in harm’s way.  I am seemingly unaware of my limbs and once even broke a toe making a salad (I wish this were a lie).  Due to these attributes and my lack of any discernible “talent”, I would never make it very far in any type of pageant, despite my childhood musings of becoming Miss Teen America.  Conversely, there are swan like creatures who seem to glide across the room with a level of grace and poise that I would never begin to understand.  Reigning supreme above them all, of course, is Miss Universe.
I recently had the once in a lifetime experience of shooting the newly crowned Miss Universe, Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach, with famed fashion photographer Nigel Barker.  Not only was it a realization of a teenage dream to work with Nigel, but it was one step closer to my secret fantasy of becoming a pageant girl.  Pia was everything I had hoped for and more:  graceful, polite beyond measure, intelligent, engaging, and obviously very beautiful.  I shot her for the cover of Philippine Tatler, the country’s premier fashion and lifestyle magazine.  We chose dresses from the Pre Fall 2016 collection of fellow Fillipino, designer Monique Lhuillier, and adorned Miss Pia with precious jewels including those from Hueb totaling in the hundred thousands.  To top it all off, we shot in one of the city’s finest hotels, the Baccarat.  A place that I would gladly trade one of my kidneys to take up residence within.  In short, this experience amounts to a major princess moment.
As this is my inaugural WCW post I wanted to dedicate it to the woman with the biggest crown and the biggest heart.  Pia, your reign may only last a mere year, but I will salute you as my queen forever!
Please enjoy these photos from the shoot as well as video and snaps from behind the scenes.

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